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This here little written meme-journal entry-thing is not going to ask you what your character looks like. It is not going to ask what your character's favorite color is. It's not even going to ask what your character would do if cupcakes fell from the sky. This, my friends, is going to put you to the test--just how developed is your character. Does his/hers/its psychological build make sense and fit together? If your character isn't that developed, then I hope this helps.

a) Use as many characters as you please.
b) If you're a big freak about staying in character, I'd recommend that YOU answer. Not your character/s because, let's face it, not all characters would spill their beans.
c) You don't have to tag anyone, but it's highly expected.
d) Don't worry too much about grammar--this is development. Not an English test.

Section 1: The Basics

1a. What is your character's full name?

1b. Was it their parents that named them that? If not, who?

1c.Is there a special meaning behind the name?

2a. How old are they now?

2b. When were they born?

2c.Where were they born?

3a. What's their race? Human, vampire, furry? Hybrid of some sort?

4a. Where do they stand on the social pyramid? (e.i.: Royalty, middle class, living in poverty, etc.)

Section 2: Lifestyle

1a. Do they have a/n job/occupation? What is it?

1b. What motivates them to keep doing this job?

1c. What job would they rather have?

2a. What are their religious views?

3a. What have they accomplished? When?

4a. Are they apart of any organizations?

5a. What do they do in their free time?

Section 3: Psychology

1a. Describe their basic personality.

2a. What part of their personality really stands out? If any part?

3a. How do they view life? Are they an optimist? Pessimist? Realist? Idealist?

4a. When it comes to making a tough decision, do they rely on thought or feeling? Faith or fact?

5a. Do they have a sense of humor?

6a. What motivates them to keep moving?

7a. What do they desire from life?

8a. What are they afraid of?

9a. Are they superstitious about anything?

10a. What secrets do they keep, if any?

10b. How well are these secrets kept?

Section 3: Mental Abilities

1a. What can/cannot they do mentally? (e.i. IQ, certain school subjects, mental/emotional health)

1b. What are they strongest at?

1c. What are they weakest at?

2a. What do they like to do?

3a. What do they hate to do?

4a. Were they educated?

4b. If so, did they enjoy it?

4c. For how long?

Section 4: History

1a. Did they have a good childhood? A bad one?

1b. What do they remember the most about it?

2a. What were/are their teen years like?

3a. What have they had to struggle to accomplish?

4a. What do they regret the most, if anything?

5a. How did they end up on their current path? Was it their choice?

6a. Did anything serious happen that changed them forever?

Section 5: Family

1a. Who are their parents?

1b. What are their parents' races?

1c. Are they still alive?

2a. Do/did they have any siblings? How many?

2b. Are they still alive?

3a. Where did the family originate?

3b. How has it changed from the last generation to the current?

Section 6: Relationships

1a. What do other people think of them?

2a. What is their sexual orientation?

3a. Are they involved with anyone romantically? Who?

3b. What do they like/love about this person? What do they dislike/hate?

4a. Do they have a best friend? Who?

4b. Why are they best friends?

4b. Any other friends?

5a. Do they hate anyone? Does anyone hate them? Who?

Section 7: Extra

1a. Is there anything else important that you have to share about this character?
Feel free to use in your journal or as a deviation s'long as you link back here for others!
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